IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Azizhanova Alla
Concertmaster of the Russian Society for Gifted Children Kulyash Baiseitova, head of the concertmaster's department, teacher. Was an accompanist at the 10th Youth Competition named after PI Tchaikovsky, Astana, 2017, awarded diplomas and diplomas.
Moscow, Russia
Afanasyevskaya Tatyana
Concert performer, accompanist, teacher of accompanist skills in the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. She worked as a concertmaster in the theater "New Opera", at the Moscow Conservatory in the departments of violin and solo singing. Has diplomas of the best accompanist of many international competitions.
Novosibirsk, Russia
Minasyan Karina
The laureate of international competitions, a pianist who performs concerts, regularly takes part in concerts in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo and other cities of Siberia, in St. Petersburg, Moscow, in cities of Japan, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland as a soloist (pianist, organist, harpsichordist ), as part of ensembles and as an accompanist. Associate Professor of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory.
Omsk, Russia
Mironova Natalia
Concertmaster of the Children's Art School № 1 named after. Yu.I. Yankelevich of the city of Omsk, a diploma winner of all-Russian and international competitions.
Kazan, Russia
Semikin Anton
Teacher accompanist at the Secondary Special Music School (Lyceum) at the Kazan State Conservatory. N.G. Zhiganova, teacher of piano, chamber ensemble and concertmaster class at the Kazan Musical College. I.V. Aukhadeeva. Head of Concert Masters Department At the Kazan Conservatory (2003-2008).

Since 2009 he leads a piano class. He is a laureate and a diploma winner of all-Russian and international competitions. He conducts an active concert activity in the piano duet of Martin Monasypov - Anton Semikin - a permanent participant in concerts of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan.
St. Petersburg, Russia
Sinaisky Eugeny
Representative of the famous musical dynasty, concert pianist, teacher, accompanist.

Eugene Sinaisky is a laureate of many prestigious international competitions and festivals. He performed in the Grand and Small Halls of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Great Hall of the Conservatory and the Concert Hall named after. P.I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow, in the halls of the Musikverein and Concert houses in Vienna, in the Great Hall of Mozarteum in Salzburg, in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, in the Alte Oper Hall in Frankfurt, in the Hercules Hall of Munich, the Palais de Boz-Ar in Brussels, as well as in the concert halls USA, Italy, England.

He is one of the leading participants of the Summer Academy of Music "Marktoberdorf" (Germany), a permanent accompanist of the International Summer Academy of the Salzburg "Mozarteum", the staff accompanist of the international contests. Lipitzer in Italy and him. Venyavsky in Lublin.

From 2001 to 2010, he conducted a chamber ensemble class at the Secondary Special Music School-Lyceum of St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Society and in the Special Music Classes of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society. Since 2010 he is professor of chamber music at the Conservatory of Vienna.

Since 2011, he leads a piano duet class at the Folkwang University of Art in Essen, (Germany). His students include laureates of international chamber music competitions, teachers and accompanists of leading conservatories in Russia and Europe.
Moscow, Russia
Starikov Aleksey
Concert pianist, laureate of numerous international competitions. He performed in many cities of Russia, concert halls of France, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, China, Holland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, India.

Repeatedly performed with the MCO Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense, the Symphony Orchestra of the Crimean Philharmonic, Orchestra filarmonica "Mihail Jora" di Bacau and others.

Participated in major international festivals in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Crimea, Yaroslavl.
Omsk, Russia
Sergey Ivanov
Teacher and accompanist of the Omsk Music College. V.Ya. Shebalin. Trained at the Moscow State Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky from Professor E.Richter.

Laureate of international competitions and festivals in Russia and Italy. At the III Yankelevitch International Violin Competition was awarded the Diploma of the jury for his high accompaniment skills.

He maintains an active concert schedule.
Omsk, Russia
Sinyakova Olga
The concertmaster of Shebalin School in Omsk. Laureate of international competitions. Graduated from Magnitogorsk State Conservatory. Glinka in 2013, an assistant internship in Magnitogorsk State Conservatory named after Glinka in the form of "The Art of Musical Instrumental Performance", specializing in pianoforte in 2017.
Ussuriysk, Russia
Yarovenko Natalia
She is a diploma of international competitions. Concertmaster of the Children's Art School of the Ussuriysky urban district.
Omsk, Russia
Lichner Emil
The concertmaster of the Omsk Music College named after V.Ya. Shebalina
Omsk, Russia
Senokosova Farida
The concertmaster, the teacher of Omsk musical college named after V.Ya. Shebalin. Laureate of international and All-Russian competitions. She worked as an accompanist on duty at the I, II, III International Violin Competition named after Yu.I. Yankelevich.
Lyudmila Lakisova
Lyudmila Lakisova graduated from the School of Music for Gifted Children, affiliated with the Belorussian State Conservatory of Music, receiving her Bachelor's degree in 1988. She earned her Master's Degree in Piano Performance, Pedagogy, and Chamber Music.

In 1989, she became a recital pianist and accompanist for the Belorussian State Philharmonic Chamber Choir and performed with the Belorussian State Symphony. Lyudmila has been a featured soloist and ensemble performer with many orchestras in the Chicago area, including the North Shore Chamber Orchestra, Wheaton Symphony, West Suburban Symphony, Camerata Chicago, and the Landolfi Piano Trio.

In previous years, she toured extensively in England with violinist Drostan Hall and on the continents of Africa and Asia with Trio Chicago & Friends. In addition to her successful solo and chamber career, Lyudmila has become well known in Chicago music circles as a collabarative pianist, accompanist, and chamber coach. She collaborated with conductors Drostan Hall, Alexander Platt, pianist Irina Lupines, singer Don Caasch, as well as violinists Yossif Ivanof, Olga Kaler, Julian Rachlin, and more.

As an accompanist and collabarative pianist, Lyudmila provides her skills to the students of Chicago's well known violin and piano teachers. Lyudmila is also a chamber music coach at Midwest Young Artists, Illinois and a rehearsal pianist for the Chicago Master Singers.
Duty concertmasters:
Ivanov Sergey: 8 905 921 46 42
Lichner Emil: 8 960 980 85 47
Mironova Natalya Valerievna: 8 904 583 76 31
Senokosova Farida: 8 913 665 91 83
Sinyakova Olga: 8 983 627 08 99
  • Maria Abdykaeva (the younger age category)
    • Kim Youjin (the senior age category)
    • Elizaveta Moiseeva (the younger age category)
      • Sofya Koltakova (the younger age category)
        5. IVANOV SERGEY

        Duty concertmaster: 8 905 921 46 42
        • Liu Yiming (the senior age category)
        • Varvara Agayeva (the younger age category)
          • Masha Lakisova (the senior age category)
            7. LICHNER EMIL

            Duty concertmaster: 8 960 980 85 47
            • Dmitry Borodin (the senior age category)
            • Anastasia Zhukova (the younger age category)
            • Gleb Shekhtman (the younger age category)
              • Vyacheslav Ermolaev (the younger age category)
                PHOTO AND BIOGRAPHY

                Duty concertmaster: 8 904 583 76 31
                • Elizaveta Novikova (the younger age category)
                • Anastasia Ashirova (the younger age category)
                • Sofia Kazakova (the younger age category)
                  10. NOVOKRESCHENOVA DARIA
                  • Wong Pui Ying (the younger age category)
                    11. OSPANOVA SHYNAR
                    • Amina Akhmetzhanova (the younger age category)
                      13. SEMIKIN ANTON VLADIMIROVICH
                      • Yuri Semikin (the younger age category)
                        14. SENOKOSOVA FARIDA
                        PHOTO AND BIOGRAPHY

                        Duty concertmaster: 8 913 665 91 83
                        • Wakui Eimi (the senior age category
                        • Yun Tang (the senior age category)
                        • Maria Mereniuk (the younger age category)
                          15. EVGENIY SINAJSKY
                          • Duenas Maria (the senior age category)
                          • David Moncado (the senior age category)
                          • Tomiris Temirgaliyeva (the senior age category)
                            16. SINYAKOVA OLGA
                            PHOTO AND BIOGRAPHY

                            Duty concertmaster: 8 983 627 08 99
                            • Margarita Gladysheva (the younger age category)
                            17. STARIKOV ALEXEY IGOREVICH
                            • Stepan Starikov (the senior age category)
                              18. TAMARKINA ANNA
                              • Fedor Beznosikov (the senior age category)
                              • Sultan Rakhmatullin (the younger age category)
                              • Stefania Pospekhina (the younger age category)
                                19. MARINA TIGOLSKAYA
                                • Daria Manza (the younger age category)
                                  20. YAROVENKO NATALYA VLADIMIROVNA
                                  • Angelina Lobko (the younger age category)
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