IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

The results of the IV Yankelevitch International Violin Competition
01 May 2018
Today, on May 1, a solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the IV International Violin Competition named after M.Sh. Yu.I. Yankelevich. Honorary President of the contest, People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov, along with the chairman of the jury, Professor Pierre Amoyal, rose to the stage of the Organ Hall to thank each of the participants and present honorary diplomas of laureates, commemorative jewelry awards and awards. In the evening, in the final Gala concert of laureates on the stage of the Concert Hall, the winner of Spain Maria Dueneas was awarded the main prize of the competition - an antique violin by Venetian master Eugenio Degani.

For a whole week, Omsk turned into a center for violin art, bringing together young violinists from many countries - those who take the baton of music from older musicians and will shape musical art in the twenty-first century. International competition for young violinists - has become one of the brightest musical events in our country and was praised far beyond the borders of the Omsk region. It combined creative contest, and a great music festival. At the award ceremony, the Honorary President of the International Violin Competition. Yu.I. Yankelevich, People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov noted that the refereeing was honest and conscientious and personally presented diplomas to the laureates of the contest.

At a press conference that took place immediately after the award ceremony, Vladimir Spivakov compared Omsk with a large port, from which now a large ship departs in all countries - it's its winner Maria Dueneas (Spain) and other laureates who "throughout life will carry memories of these days and glorify Omsk, Siberia and all of Russia. " Recall that the titles of laureates in the second (senior) age category were also awarded to Fedor Beznosikov (Russia, II Prize), Aimi Vacui (Japan, III Prize) and Yun Tang (China, III Prize), in the first younger age category: Wong Pui Ying China, 1st Prize), Varvara Agayeva (Russia, 1st Prize), Sofia Koltakova (Russia, 2nd Prize), Stefania Pospekhina (Russia, II Prize), Elizaveta Novikova (Russia, III Prize), Daria Manza (Russia, III Prize). Vladimir Spivakov also noted that he sees an interest in the development of culture and support from the provincial governor of Omsk region Alexander Burkov. "Such competitions should be held to develop spirituality in the young generation," notes Vladimir Spivakov. During the meeting between Maestro Spivakov and Alexander Burkov, a preliminary agreement was reached on further holding the Yuri Yankelevich International Violin Competition in Omsk on a regular basis. Vladimir Spivakov is ready to start looking for another violin for the future winner of the Omsk contest. The present prize - the violin of Degany, according to the maestro, he was looking for a year and a half, consulting with the leading masters from Europe. The instrument must correspond to a certain set of criteria in order to become a worthy prize of the violin competition. Yu.I. Yankelevich.

The results of the competition were summed up at the big Gala-concert of the winners in the Concert Hall of the Philharmonic. From the stage, the words of gratitude to the participants and members of the jury were expressed by the acting governor of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov. He noted that the competition and engaging in creativity in general trains in children the hardness of the spirit, diligence, persistence - all the strong qualities of the individual. And the young violinists, who became laureates of the contest, not only have a good command of the instrument, are well-trained technically, but already have what to say to the audience in the language of music, masterfully mastering the hearts and souls of listeners. Alexander Burkov presented letters of gratitude to the jury members, the Honorary President Vladimir Spivakov, the French violinist Alan Carbonan, who, along with his young daughter Mazarin Carbonar, presented two competitors of the younger age group, Varvara Agaeva and Elizaveta Novikova, with new instruments of their own making.

The gala concert was continued by the laureates. The winners of the junior group demonstrated their skills to the audience: Stefania Pospekhina (Moscow), Wong Pui Ying (Hong Kong), Sofia Koltakova (Barnaul), Varvara Agayeva (Moscow), who performed the brightest works of their contest program. In the second section, a new star of violin performance opened Omsk, the winner of the competition, the brilliant Spaniard Maria Duenasia. She performed the work that brought her victory in the final round - Concerto for violin and orchestra N. Paganini.

The contest was over. In its history, the names of new winners are inscribed, to which Omsk music lovers are imbued with special warmth and sympathy for the past week of the contest stages. We believe that very soon the names of these young violinists will become a bright adornment for the billboards of many concert halls of the world, and Omsk will necessarily be among them.

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