IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

Winner of the II Yankelevich International Violin Competition told how he prepared for the competition
10 nov 2017
Continue to accept applications for participation in the IV Yankelevich International Violin Competition. This time, the admission committee needs to send a video with the execution of program works. Prestigious violin competition will be held in Omsk from April 24 to May 1, 2018. With wishes for the future participants of the contest, the world-class musician and the winner of the Omsk contest, Nadir Khashimov, addressed.

In 2011, a 20-year-old native of Uzbekistan, his game just won the jury of the II Yankelevich International Violin Competition and won.

"What prompted me to take part in the International Violin Competition named after the famous teacher Yu.I. Yankelevich, who created a unique school whose representatives are the elite of violinists who individually sparkle in the horizon of musical art of the 20th and 21st centuries, says Nadir Khashimov. "Participation in this performing competition is, for me, a kind of exam before the memory of the great Teacher, especially , that Yuri Isaevich was the teacher of my idol - the outstanding violinist and conductor of the present Maestro Spivakov. My father, he is also my teacher, also had the fortune to study in the class of Yankelevich. "

In 2011, Nadir Khashimov studied at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia on a course with world-famous violinists - Pamela Frank and Shmuel Ashkenazi. When the musician decided to participate in the Omsk contest, he began seriously preparing. To achieve the desired sound, Nadir Khashimov studied the interpretation of the contest program by the jury members. "I was preparing for the competition very seriously, and carefully. In the process of work, I constantly felt the presence and remarks of Yuri Isayevich, "says Nadir Khashimov.

To win a prestigious award at the II Yankelevich International Violin Competition American student had to compete seriously: contest participants were 46 talented violinists from 14 countries. The award was a rare violin of the 18th century by Eugenio Degani. "The main prize of the contest is a violin - this was not and is not anywhere in the world," Nadir Khashimov shares. - For me, the receipt of the violin by E. Degani was a turning point in my life, marked by an invitation to play a concert of P. Tchaikovsky with the Philadelphia Orchestra (USA), in Naples (USA, Florida) one evening to perform all 24 Caprices N.Paganini, and also perform in Paris in the hall of the world famous museum of the Louvre. But, perhaps, the most responsible for me was the performance of F. Mendelson's Concert in Moscow in the House of Music with the orchestra under the direction of Maestro Spivakov.

Today, we have complete understanding with E. Degani's violin. In the rich variety of its timbre, the strength of sound and responsiveness, I hear all my musical intentions, thoughts and feelings.

I was glad to hear about the upcoming, the IV Yankelevich International Competition named after, and that the main prize of the competition will be another violin by E. Degani. I sincerely wish the organizers of health and prosperity, the jury members - patience and goodwill, participants - creative ups and good luck. I am sure that Omsk will witness a grand festival of violin music and the opening of new stars in the universe of musical art. "

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