IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

Members of the jury of the IV Yankelevitch International Violin Competition will demonstrate his skills to listeners
20 April 2018
April 24 in the Concert Hall of the Philharmonic will be launched the IV International Yankelevitch Violin Competition. This is a triumph of violin music, virtuosic soloists, unsurpassed mastery and standard sound. One of the best violinists of Europe - members of the international jury of the competition: Pierre Amoyal (France), Elisabetta Garetti (Italy) and Sergei Dogadin (Moscow) will perform in the opening concert. They will solo with the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. Behind the conductor's panel - Dmitry Vasilyev, Honored Artist of the Omsk Region. The beginning of the program is at 19.00.

Chairman of the jury Pierre Amoyal is professor of the Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg (Austria), artistic director of the Summer Music Academy in Lausanne, creator and artistic director of the ensemble "Camerata de Lausanne" (Switzerland). Elisabetta Garetti - Professor of the Conservatory. N. Paganini in Genoa (Italy). Sergei Dogadin - winner of the Grand Prix of the III International Yankelevitch Violin Competition, invited professor of the International Academy of Arts of Lianzhu (China).

Pierre Amoyal chose for the music of his native country - the French classics. His rare instrument, made by Antonio Stradivari, will sound in Rhapsody for violin and orchestra "Gypsy" by M. Ravel. In addition, together with Sergei Dogadin, Pierre Amuayal will perform this evening a Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra in D Minor by IS. Bach. This is one of the best orchestral works of the Baroque period. The soloists' parties in it are closely related. Constantly exchanging themes, two violins constantly cross their melodic lines. Sometimes they weave into a tight knot, sometimes one of the soloists recedes into the background, forming with their passages a gentle and delicate lace.

Elisabetta Garetti in the upcoming concert will also address her national academic music. She will demonstrate her skills by performing works of Italians - a fragment of Concert No. 4 for violin and orchestra by N. Paganini, and also Concerto "Leto" from the cycle "Seasons" by A. Vivaldi. In addition, the Italian violinist will solo in the main theme from the music of J. Williams to the film "Schindler's List".

Sergei Dogadin's solo will be performed in P. Sarašte's "Gypsy tunes" and F. Kreisler's play "The Chinese Tambourine".

Members of the jury of the International Yankelevitch Violin Competition - not only virtuoso soloists with world recognition, but also authoritative teachers. Each of them is in one way or another connected with the personality of Y.I. Yankelevich being his pupil or musician who personally knew the maestro or collaborated with him. Thanks to this condition, the interrelation of the performing traditions laid down by Yury Yankelevich himself is preserved, continues, strengthened, passed on from generation to generation.

Speeches of the participants of the IV International Yankelevitch Violin Competition audience will be able to see from April 25 to 30 at competitive auditions in the Organ and Concert Halls of the Philharmonic.

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