IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

The first day of competitive auditions in the senior age category has come to the end
25 April 2018
As a result of the draw held on April 24, Fedor Beznosikov (Russia) was the first to compete for the main prize of the contest. The contestant passes an assistant-internship at the Moscow State Conservatoire named after. Tchaikovsky and has a rich concert and competitive experience. Accompanied by the accompanist, he performed 1 part of Mozart's Concerto No. 4 for violin and orchestra, Caprice No. 17 Paganini and two parts from the obligatory Bach's Sonata No. 1. Under the second number on the stage of the Organ Hall came Eugene Kim from the Republic of Korea. The young violinist is already familiar with the Omsk scene, here she performed in 2013, as a student at the Music School at the Moscow Conservatory. Now Eugene Kim became a student of this university and performs in the senior group of contestants. At the jury and audience, she presented fragments of Bach's Sonata No. 2, Paganini's 22nd caprice and 1 part of Mozart's Concerto No.3. The third participant of competitive auditions is Iming Liu, a Chinese performer studying at the Mozarteum University (Salzburg, Austria). All the same obligatory works of the program of the first round (fragments of the sonata of Bach, caprice of Paganini and part of one of the violin concerts of Mozart) she performed confidently and inspiringly.

In the second half of the competitive day, the participants of the international judging panel were shown by the participants under the numbers 4, 5 and 6. A student of the University of Music and Theater in Vienna, Spaniard Maria Dueneas opted for the performance of Allemande, Courant, Sarabande and Gigue from Partita No. 2 in D minor Bach, and also 5th Caprice Paganini and part of Mozart's 4th concert. Aimee Vakui from Japan gracefully performed Grave and Fugue from the same Bach sonatas, and presented to the jury her version of Caprice No. 17 N. Paganini, which the judges managed to listen to in the morning in the confident performance of Fyodor Beznosikov. The contest day ended with the performance of Tomiris Temirgaliyeva (Kazakhstan-Austria). This participant is already familiar to the Omsk audience and individual members of the jury for their brilliant performance at the 3rd Yankelevich Violin Competition. In 2013 she performed in the younger age group, where she became the best among 28 contestants and won the title of laureate of the first prize. During this time, Tomiris managed to graduate from the Republican Specialized Boarding School for Gifted Children. K. Baiserova and Almaty and enter the University of Music and Theater in Graz. In her performance, the jury evaluated Sonata No. 1 by Bach, Caprice No. 5 of Paganini and part of Mozart's Concert No. 5.

All competitive auditions are held in open mode. Each of the contestants was warmly welcomed and supported by the audience. They are also given the opportunity to influence the fate of young violinists. Electronic lobbying for the participants of the competition is organized for listeners in the foyer of the Organ Hall. According to its results, one of the contestants will be awarded the "People's Choice Award".

Competitive auditions in the senior age category will continue tomorrow from 11.00 local time. Five more talented violinists will appear on the stage of the Organ Hall to demonstrate their creative level to the jury. Among them Omsk Dmitry Borodin, he will perform under the 9th number at 13.00. All auditions are broadcast online. Schedule and links to live broadcasts are available on the contest website

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