IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

The results of the first round of competitive auditions in the first (younger) age category
29 April 2018
Today, on April 29, 7 more participants of the younger age group took to the stage of the Organ and Chamber Music Hall to continue the contest program of the first round and demonstrate their creative abilities to the distinguished jury. Recall that in the first (younger) age category young contestants aged from 9 to 15 take part.

The compulsory program of the first tour was performed today by Anastasia Zhukova (Russia), Sultan Rakhmatullin (Russia), Wong Pui Ying (China), Varvara Agayeva (Russia), Yuri Semikin (Russia), Anastasia Ashirova (Russia), Gleb Shekhtman (Russia). In the first round of competitions, according to the regulations of the competition, the participants of the first group performed two different parts from any Sonata or Partita for the solo violin. Bach, as well as at the choice of the participant, any caprice or sketches of N. Paganini, G. Venyavsky, J. Dont, or P. Rode, as well as a virtuoso piece for the violin and pianoforte at the participant's choice. The contestants showed excellent preparation and the jury had to make an uneasy decision which of these very young, but very talented violinists is worthy of performing in the final round.

As a result of the discussion, the jury decided to admit to the final round not six contestants, as in the Contest Regulations, but seven. Here are the names of these little finalists:

Sofya Koltakova (Russia)
Stefania Pospekhina (Russia)
Amina Akhmetzhanova (Kazakhstan)
Elizaveta Novikova (Russia)
Daria Manza (Russia)
Wong Pui Ying (China)
Varvara Agayeva (Russia)

The final round of auditions, both in the junior and senior bands will be held on April 30, it will be personally attended by maestro Vladimir Spivakov, who has already arrived in Omsk. The contestants of the first (younger) group will enter the Organ Hall at 11.00, and the contestants of the second (senior) group will perform at the final auditions with the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra in the Concert Hall from 4 pm to 8 pm.

The announcement of the results in both groups will take place at 21.00 in the Concert Hall. Ahead of a serious struggle, let's support the contestants together! The final tours of the auditions, like the previous ones, will be open. We invite fans of violin performance to visit the final competitive tours and support the participants.

Also we remind that spectators of competitive auditions can take part in the electronic voting organized in the Organ Hall, and note the performer who, in their opinion, is worthy of the audience's liking.

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