IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

Names of laureates of the second (senior) age category IV Yankeevitch International Violin Competition
30 April 2018
The final auditions of the participants of the older age category took place in the Concert Hall. Contestants aged 15 to 25 demonstrated mastery of soloists with the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. Hundreds of Omsk citizens came to support the participants on this evening and each contestant was accompanied by a stormy ovation. Four contestants of the older age group, who were able to make it to the finals, chose to perform complex, demanding technical and emotional immersion works.

The first to enter the stage together with the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dmitry Vasilyev was Fyodor Beznosikov (Russia), who is an assistant trainee at the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky at the People's Artist of Russia, Professor V.M. Ivanova. Fedor performed a very colorful, piercing Concerto for violin and orchestra No. 1 in the minor of D. Shostakovich. The orchestra sensitively supported the soloist, helping the violinist speak. Then, her talented performance was demonstrated by the contestant from China Yun Tan and the Japanese contestant Amy Vakui. They both chose to perform Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Minor by J. Sibelius. Finished the final here the contestant, who became the undisputed favorite in the first round, the youngest member of the senior group 15-year-old Spaniard Maria Dueneas. In her performance there was a personal and solemn concurrent concert for violin and orchestra No. 1 in D major N. Paganini. Maria performed it in one breath. The violinist simply lived in this music, enveloping the hall with incredible passages, she played easily and absolutely masterly.

The jury did not consult briefly. The decision was almost obvious. Opinions were divided only regarding the award of the third place. And in this group it was decided to distribute prizes among all the finalists. So, the first place and the main prize of the competition - the old violin Eugenio Degani, made in Venice in 1890, the unanimous opinion of the jury is awarded to Maria Dueneas (Spain). The title of laureate of the second degree is won by Fedor Beznosikov (Russia) and the third place was shared by two representatives eastern countries: a contestant from Japan Aimee Vakui (Japan) and Yun Tang (China).

The winner of the Audience Award was the graduate of the Omsk Music College named after V.Ya. Shebalin, who is now a student of the Moscow State Conservatoire named after V.Yu. P.I. Tchaikovsky Dmitry Borodin (Russia).

The work of the accompanists was also evaluated by the jury. The best concertmaster of the IV International Violin Competition. Yu.I. Yankelevich recognized Yevgeny Sinaisky. His work will be encouraged by a cash prize and an honorary diploma.

Tomorrow, May 1, the Honorary President of the contest Vladimir Spivakov together with the jury members will present the honored awards to the laureates of the IV International Violin Competition named after I. Yu.I. Yankelevich at the official awards ceremony.

The results of the contest will also be summed up on May 1 at a big Gala concert of the winners in the Philharmonic Concert Hall, which promises to become a bright gift to the Omsk people for the spring holiday. Links to the records of all stages of the contest, as well as to the broadcast of the Gala Concert of the winners are available on the official website of the contest

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