IV Yankelevitch International
Violin Competition

Results of the IV Yankelevitch International Violin Competition: 6 laureates and 3 fellows in the junior group
30 April 2018
The final day of auditions came to an end. Together with an authoritative jury, the contestants were evaluated by the Honorary President of the IV International Violin Competition named after A.Yu. Yu.I. Yankelevich Vladimir Teodorovich Spivakov.

It would seem that the excitement of the contestants should only increase from the realization that Maestro Spivakov himself is present in the hall. But the young violinists, apparently, have already got used to the competitive atmosphere and settled on the stage of the Omsk Organ Hall, so they did not give an excited appearance at all. In the program of the second round, participants of the younger age group were to demonstrate the performance of A.Alexandrov's compulsory play "Aria", as well as one of the concerts for violin and orchestra M. Bruch, D. Kabalevsky, A. Khachaturyan, F. Mendelssohn Bartholdi, P. Rohde , K. Sen-Sans, A. Viatan, JB Viotti, G. Venyavsky or E. Lalo.

Again, the jury had a hard time. Of the 7 contestants who, according to the decision of the jury, were admitted to the second round (which is more for one participant than was provided for in the Competition Regulations), it was not possible to choose the only best. Recall that in the second round of the junior group for the title of laureates of the competition competed: Sofya Koltakova (Russia), Stefania Pospekhina (Russia), Amina Akhmetzhanova (Kazakhstan), Elizaveta Novikova (Russia), Daria Manza (Russia), Wong Pui Ying (China) and Varvara Agaeva (Russia). Each of the contestants tried to show high skill and impress the competent jury headed by the honorary President of the contest Vladimir Spivakov accurate and thoughtful execution.

The jury highly appreciated the level of preparation of the contestants and decided to encourage all participants of the final round. Thus, each prize-winning place was divided between two finalists. The titles of laureates of 1 degree were awarded to: a student of the Moscow Secondary Special Music School (College). Gnesin Varvara Agaeva (Russia) and a student of the Children's Center for Choral and Performing Arts in Hong Kong Wong Pui Ying (China). Laureates of the 2 nd degree were: the student of the Children's Music School No. 5 in Barnaul Sofya Koltakova (Russia) and the pupil of the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatoire. PI Tchaikovsky Stefania Pospekhina (Russia). . 3 place in the younger category was shared by Elizabeth Novikova (Russia), a student of the Children's School of Arts No. 1 named after them. Yu.I. Yankelevich, Omsk, and Daria Manza (Russia), studying at the Children's School of Arts No. 8 in Krasnoyarsk.

In addition to the laureates in the first age category, the jury identified three additional talented contestants who will receive scholarships for participation in the contest. Among the fellows are the finalist of the younger group, the youngest participant, the student of the Music School at the Kazakh National University of Arts, the ten-year-old Amina Akhmetzhanova (Kazakhstan), and also the student of the Children's Music School of the Kaliningrad Regional Music College. S.V. Rachmaninov
Anastasia Zhukova (Russia) and Angelina Lobko (Russia), student of the Children's Art School of Ussuriysk urban district.

Based on the results of the audience voting, organized during the competitive auditions in the Organ Hall, a participant was selected in the younger group, who was awarded the Audience Award. They became violinist from Krasnoyarsk Daria Manza (Russia).

Tomorrow in the afternoon, on May 1, in the Organ Hall, a solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the contest will be held, during which all the winners will receive from the jury members deserved awards. And the main prize - the ancient violin of the Italian master Eugenio Degani - will be presented to the winner in the senior age category during the Gala concert of laureates at 6 pm in the Concert Hall.

We congratulate the young laureates and fellows of the competition and wish them new creative victories and achievements.

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